12 & 13 May 2022

DDMA AI Hackathon

The DDMA AI Hackathon is back! On 12 and 13 May 2022 we will challenge business teams to develop an innovative, sustainable and intelligent concept as a solution to an organisational problem, in just two days.

The Hackathon is a place to learn and to take the time to utilize the opportunities of AI for marketing and service processes within your organization. It also gives the opportunity to get an inside look at other cool advertisers. Registrations are open!


Why participate?

Work on your own project

We really want the Hackathon to contribute to every participating company. That is why every company can work on their own project with their own company data. Please keep in mind, the idea must be pitched to a jury during the Hackathon.

Get inspiration

You get to interact with AI fanatics and specialist from other brands in the data-driven marketing industry. Get inspired by their ideas and apply that into your own AI concepts.

Be among the greats

This is not the first time organisations battle for coveted Golden Robot Award. The winner joins the other frontrunners in the AI industry in the Hall of Fame, next to Landal Greenparks en Nu.nl.


DDMA AI Hackathon announces first 3 jury members

DDMA AI Hackathon announces first 3 jury members

We’re happy to share that Hilary Richters (Deloitte), Marc Salomon (University of Amsterdam Business School) and Naomi van der Louw (DDMA) will be part of the jury of the DDMA AI Hackathon on May 12 and 13 2022. More jury members will be announced later.


Marjon van Strien (Landal GreenParks): “Don’t think too hard. Make sure your case is manageable”

Marjon van Strien (Landal GreenParks): “Don’t think too hard. Make sure your case is manageable”

The registration for the DDMA AI Hackathon is open! Ambitious companies can now register their teams to compete and show the world they are an authority in the field on AI. How do you prepare yourself and your team? And what can it ultimately bring you? To giv…

Registration DDMA AI Hackathon is open

Registration DDMA AI Hackathon is open

On May 12 and 13, the third edition of the DDMA AI Hackathon will take place in De Hallen Studios in Amsterdam. As of today, registrations are open! Organisations can register now.


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